It is hard to believe that we are looking at the start of our 5th season at the Bear's Den.  When a passing idea morphed into a new reality back in April of 2014 our goal was to step back a bit to focus on what was most important to us- our family and friends. Never could we have imagined how that circle would grow.   The Bear's Den is our special place and (if it's not yet) we hope that it becomes yours. Thank you to all who have helped us in our endevour.


Cabins in the Adirondacks- and so much more is what "the Den" is about. We are a family run business whose focus is to make sure your group is having the best getaway possible. You can count on Lauren and Clare (the best front office staff) to answer phones, take reservations, and happily answer any questions you may have.  Dan is eager to make sure the cabins are renovated, ready to go, and that guests have everything they need.  We should also mention that Dan is also always happy to share a laugh and a good story. The weekends are Meg's time to jump in the mix with a friendly smile and a helpful hand.  And of course, our family would not be complete without a shout out to Deena- she is our summertime family and an huge help with, well, everything!    

We invite you to visit and enjoy all that our slice of "bearadise" has to offer.

Dan, Meg, The Girls, and of course, Sadie